Welcome to College Smart Radio!

College Smart Radio

Saturdays 3:00-3:30pm on 1220am KDOW, The Wall Street Business Network

College Smart Radio – Tackling the Runaway Costs of College, is a radio show on 1220am KDOW, The Wall Street Business Network, airing Saturdays from 3:00pm-3:30pm PST. The show can also be streamed live at www.KDOW.biz. Visit our Upcoming Shows page to see what we’ll be talking about each week.

College Smart Radio covers a wide variety of issues related to understanding the true cost of college, how to prevent overpaying for a college education and how parents can not only help their student’s pay for college, but still afford retirement down the road.

College Smart Radio is hosted by Westface College Planning, where we guide the college financial process for parents and their college-bound kids.

What topics would you like to hear about on College Smart Radio?  Let us know today!  Email us with your suggestions.

How can we help you with your college funding questions? Call or email Westface College Planning today!  (650) 587-1559

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